We specialise in advanced skin diagnosis and facial treatments

The products we use have been chosen because they are the best professional, natural skin products that are on the market.  They are ‘professional-only’ – meaning they have to be prescribed by a beauty therapist, dermatologist or doctor due to the high percentage of active ingredients used.

Our facials can effectively treat:

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Pigmentation and oxidative stress (sun damage)

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Sensitive and unbalanced skins

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Dehydration and de-vitalisation (water and oil loss)

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Premature ageing

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Acne and congestive skins

Beauty Divine Facials

Signature Deluxe Honey Facial


100% New Zealand Manuka Honey, a natural skin soothing and rebalancing remedy, has been incorporated into this unique facial. The hydrating property of honey is infused into your skin using a warm honey mask and silky soy wax. When lifted, the honey will have reverted to honey crystals that are used to gently exfoliate the skin. This luxurious treatment also includes an arm, neck and shoulder and facial massage. Suitable for all skin conditions.

1 hour

Rebalancing Honey Facial


When your skin looks and feels like it’s lost its vitality, this quick pick-me-up facial brings back its colour and tone. Fantastic for between seasons!

45 minutes

Intensive Repair Facial


The anti-ageing facial gives immediate results that have to be seen to be believed! Ionterpheresis is used to infuse ingredients such as olive leaf extract and UMF Honey into the skin, giving 400 x more penetration than manual application. Fabulous for skins suffering from oxidative stress and sun damage

50 minutes

Teen/Acne Facial


Acne and congestion can really get you down! So, we have formulated a deep cleansing and healing facial using a combination of healing UMF pure Manuka honey, ozone steam and direct high frequency (ozone) and extraction if required to help your skin naturally fight infection and heal lesions quickly. A course of treatments is recommended.

45 minutes

Rejuvenating Eye, Lip and Neck Treatment


Designed to combat ageing and collagen breakdown. Plumps the skin giving a more youthful appearance

50 minutes

Glycolic Dermal Polish

This amazing treatment offers a solution to a number of skincare concerns. These include sun damage and pigmentation, acne and scarring and premature ageing. Glycolic is derived from sugar cane and effectively removes dry, lack lustre skin to reveal fresh new cells. A series of 6-8 treatments one week apart are recommended for optimum results, however a single treatment can also receive excellent results.

40 minutes

$70 per treatment ($30 with a facial)

$420 course of 6 (7th peel complimentary)

Please note : Our facials are ‘results’ driven, so it is essential to allow an extra ¼-1/2 hour when visiting us for the first time so we can accurately assess your skin care concerns.

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There is not often enough that we are taken to a state of complete bliss, today Caren took me there!! As I arrived into the dimly lit room, with soft music playing, and a delicious warm bed made for me, I knew I was in for an experience to remember ♡ I have only ever had one facial in my 39 year lifetime and wow it was nothing close to that. I will definitely make this a part of my self care programme. Thank you so much Caren for making me feel like a Princess.




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